Black Doctor

Black Doctor

The Black Doctor is another well known classic salmon fly. The Doctor series is perhaps easiest to identify by the bright red Berlin Wool butt and head. The fly illustrated here is a simpler variation and although not as colorful or complex when compared to the Pryce-Tannatt's 1914 design, it is still an attractive fly that most salmon fishers will recognise as a Doctor fly. The Black Doctor has had many variations over the years, this design being one of them, but each has its own merits and will catch fish.

There are many older versions of the Black Doctor than Pryce-Tannatt’s, but I think few fly-tyers use this design today, as the source of true materials becomes increasingly difficult. Another extremely attractive variant design that is worth studying is Kelson’s Salmon Fly, which has a vivid blue hackle.

The Black Doctor is featured in our Small Salmon Frame collections.

Black Doctor (hook, 1 ¼ to 2 inches).
Tag : Silver thread and lemon floss.
Tail : A topping and Indian Crow.
Butt : Scarlet Berlin wool.
Body: Black floss.
Ribs : Oval silver tinsel.
Hackle : A dark claret hackle.
Throat : Speckled Gallina.
Wings : Mixed tippet in strands with strips of Golden Pheasant tail over ; “ married ” strands of scarlet, blue and yellow Swan, Florican, Bustard, Peacock wing, and light, mottled Turkey tail ; “ married ” narrow strips of Teal and barred Summer Duck; narrow strips of brown Mallard over ; a topping over all.
Head : Scarlet wool.


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