A summer or autumn fly, the 'Executioner' can be fished at any depth in clear water.

I tied this fly for an experimental small frame I was making. I had never tied this particular pattern before, so it was interesting to find it was an extremely easy fly to undertake, and one that could be tied by relative beginners. If I learned anything from this fly, it was to use a blob of glue at the freshly cut head end of the goats hair, before setting as a wing. I think I lost around 10% of the hair wing when combing through on completion, making the wing look a little sparse - lesson learned. 

Although a variant on a true Executioner, the finished result was reasonably satisfying. The red body is a little longer than I initially desired, as the one third flat silver is hidden by the variant guinea fowl throat that I decided to try. All in all, a satisfying first attempt on an unfamiliar pattern. 


The Executioner :

Tail - Golden Crest Pheasant
Butt - Thin flat silver tinsel  (no more than 3 / 4 turns)
Body - Red Uni-Floss 600 1 ply
Ribbing - Flat Silver Tinsel
Throat - Guinea Fowl tied as the throat
Wing - Black squirrel or goat hair - (If using goat, use a blob of glue on the cut end to prevent hair loss!)
Head - Black or Red varnish (Use 2 if not 3 coats of varnish).                                                                                      Hook - Kamasan B180 Low Water Salmon  

Tying Time: Around 40 minutes.


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