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Has Framed Flies hit the Big Time?

Watching 'The Crown' (Series 4 Episode 2) last night, I was interested to see a scene of 'Prince Charles' during one of his fly fishing trips in Iceland. The real Prince Charles of course is an active and keen fly fisherman, and on a number of occasions, had flies tied for him by the famous female fly tier Meghan Boyd, who lived in Brora Scotland. In fact, on one occasion he actually visited her at her small cottage to collect some flies. (Meghan, and the fly that was named after her, 'The Meghan Boyd', featured in one of my earlier blogs).

During a later scene, (30 minutes into the episode) 'Charles' is seen sitting forlornly in his study at Balmoral, (Knebsworth Castle), my eyes were drawn to a salmon fly collection sitting in plain view behind him (above image) which looked very much like one of my own collections! I sat up and exclaimed to my startled wife that my frame was on TV. It was exactly the same style and make of frame with gold inlay, same size, same disposition of 7 salmon flies facing to the right, all hair-wing, same double oval mount in green - could it really be one of mine?

I captured the image on my phone, sent it to my laptop and with some wizard software enlarged and studied the frame for an hour. I then looked back at some of my historical images of salmon frames that I have produced over the years and took some measurements, one matched extremely closely, and given the probability of any error due to the blurred image taken from the screen. I believe it is one of ours. (No two frames are alike).

The following day my eldest son who lives in Abu Dhabi sent me the same  image on my phone exclaiming - 'Season 4 of the Crown, Great product placement Dad! Seeing as I had not said anything to him, I took this as a ringing endorsement of my supposition, and as he suffered most of his young life being surrounded by feathers, flies and frames, he should know my frames when he sees them.

I certainly don't remember sending a framed collection to Knebsworth Castle or Netflix for that matter, but there it was. Now, tell me that I'm imagining this, or at least this is in my dreams, but until I hear differently, I'm claiming that frame as one of mine.

In the meantime, we have sent a message to the Props Manager at Elstree Studios, asking if it would be possible for them to verify the origin of said collection. I'm not holding out too much hope in receiving a reply, but it would be really nice to have a definitive answer.

'Framed Flies as shown on The Crown' has a nice ring to it! Watch this space.


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